Sally Kosgei Named In The Paradise Papers Leak Hiding Wealth In Tax Haven


Former Moi and Kibaki era minister Sally Kosgey is among hundreds of powerful people named in new International Consortium of Investigative Journalists leaks. Dubbed ‘Paradise Papers’ the leaks reveal confidential records of financial hideaways of the worlds iconic brands and powerful brokers.

The world’s biggest businesses, heads of state and global figures in politics, entertainment and sport who have sheltered their wealth in secretive tax havens are being revealed this week in a major new investigation into Britain’s offshore empires.

The details come from a leak of 13.4m files that expose the global environments in which tax abuses can thrive – and the complex and seemingly artificial ways the wealthiest corporations can legally protect their wealth.

Most of the documents – 6.8m – relate to a law firm and corporate services provider that operated together in 10 jurisdictions under the name Appleby. Last year, the “fiduciary” arm of the business was the subject of a management buyout and it is now called Estera.

The material, which has come from two offshore service providers and the company registries of 19 tax havens, was obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Paradise Papers says Moi-era head of Public Service Sally Kosgei used a secret Mauritian-registered firm to buy a $1 million (Sh103.66 million) apartment in Central London 16 years ago.

Also mentioned is former Deputy Chief Justice Kalpana Rawal. This is the second time Rawal features in the leaks. She was initially mentioned in the Panama Papers.



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